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Frequently Asked Questions

What is solo perfomance? - Just what it sounds like. One actor, alone onstage, creating  a unique theatrical performance. Most of us use characters from the past, the so called first person living history performance. Some of us approach topics from the second person, talking about a character or historical topic. Others re-create slices from the past, a mini minstrel show or a temperance sing-a-long. Whichever style that’s chosen, solo performance provides a unique, intimate theatrical experience.

How much does it cost? - How much do you have? Alright I’ll be serious, our performers may be neophytes or may have been acting for decades, so the costs can vary. In general for a one hour program you might expect to find fees of anywhere from $150 to $1000 or more. You need to ask the artist for the program you find most interesting. (Many of us can help presenters find ways to fund bringing a program to their organization.)

How do I get onto the web site? - You need to be a member in good standing. That means, you’ve attended at least two meetings (we want to make sure performers are serious) and you need to make it to meetings occasionally (at least once every other year). As performers we understand you take a booking when you can get it, so getting to meetings is not always possible, but we don’t want folks to drop in twice and then never see them again. This is a cooperative effort so cooperation is important.

Are there dues? - Right now we don’t charge to belong to SoloTogether. We do ask for contributions to cover expenses when they arise. Some examples of expenses are registration fees when we send a delegation to a conference, maintaining our website or perhaps having things copied. We’ve been able to keep expenses to a minimum so it really isn’t a burden for anyone.

Why isn’t my question on this list? - I haven’t gotten any other questions that I can remember. If you can think of something good to add, just drop a note. (I’m the web master Mike Francis mfrancis@SoloTogether.com)

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